Oralite (Reflexite) DOT Approved Conspicuity Tapes V92 V82 V52

DOT tape is a federally regulated material that is required on larger semi trucks and trailers.  The tape must meet certain requirements to be compliant.  Reflexite DOT tapes exceed all federal and state specification.  (Many of the less expensive tapes found on many online stores do not meet minimum requirements making them both non compliant and dangerous.)  By using Reflexite tapes you can rest assured that you are compliant and safe.

Reflexite DOT Conspicuity Tape

We carry three lines of Reflexite DOT – C2 tapes.  V92, V82, and V52.  The V92 film is the day bright version and is a 5 year film.  The V82 is the brightest and is a 10 year film.  V52 is basically a V82 film with little diamonds printed into the tape.  The pattern makes the tape look like diamond plate and is a decorative pattern only.  All Reflexite DOT tapes exceed state and federal requirements for conspicuity tape.

reflexite dot tape for sale

The image above shows (from left to right) our V52 Diamond Plate Pattern tape, our V92 Daybright DOT in the 7/11 and 6/6 pattern, and finally our V82 DOT tape in a 7/11 and 6/6 pattern.  The picture below shows our white dot tapes in both the V92 and V82.

reflexite solid white dot tape

 Click Here for a spec sheet on our V92 DOT tape.

Click Here for a spec sheet on our V82 DOT tape.

Click Here for a spec sheet on our V52 DOT tape.

 We carry this material in 1″ – 4″ rolls at www.colebrothers.com .

For wholesale pricing you can contact us at steve@reflectivestore.com or (850) 934-3157.  Wholesale pricing is based on full 30″ rolls slit to your desired width and shipped direct from the factory. 





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