Oralite (Reflexite) SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) Reflective Tape

We carry SOLAS IMO/FD1403 M82 in 1″ – 4″ rolls in our online retail stores.  We have it in widths up to 30″ on a wholesale basis. 

SOLAS is a Coast Guard designation that stands for “Safety Of Life At Sea”.  SOLAS tape is used in marine environments to assist search and rescue operations.  The tape is applied to life boats, life rafts, life jackets, life rings and other objects so that they can be spotted in the water by rescue personnel.

solas ships wheel logoThe main difference between SOLAS and other reflective tapes is brightness.  SOLAS reflects light at over 1000 candelas.  Standard engineer grade sheeting like you would see on a car tag reflects at about 75 candelas.  This extreme reflectivity allows the tape to be seen for thousands of feet instead of hundreds which can mean the difference between life and death for someone in the water.

It is for this reason that SOLAS reflective films are popular in many other applications besides marine environments.  Motorcyclists use it quite often to increase their visibility to automobiles.  Its ability to cut through blinding snow make it popular for snowmobiles and snow trail markers. 

solas sail boat

SOLAS always refers to a tape that is a grayish color in daylight and a bright white when reflecting.  A colored tape that is similar to SOLAS would be our V82 tape.

Another unique feature of Reflexite SOLAS is the aggressive 5 mil thick adhesive system designed to create a strong bond between the tape and the substrate.  This is approximately double the adhesion of competitive brands.  

solas reflectivity chart

 Click Here for a spec sheet on our SOLAS tape.

 We carry this material in 1″ – 4″ rolls at www.solastapes.com .

For wholesale pricing you can contact us at steve@reflectivestore.com or (850) 934-3157.  Wholesale pricing is based on full 30″ rolls slit to your desired width and shipped direct from the factory. 

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