Oralite (Reflexite) FRA Prismatic Reflective Rail Car Tape R99

We carry Reflexite FRA approved Rail Car Tape in 4″ rolls kiss cut at 18″ intervals.  Much like having 18″ strips on a roll.  Comparable to crystal or diamond grade tapes in brightness but thinner and easier to work with. (White and Non Kiss Cut rolls also available – see below)

Reflexite R99 Rail Car reflective tape is FRA approved and carries the FRA logo. It is specifically designed to improve the nightime visibility of railroad cars. It uses micro-prismatic lenses to reflect light and will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces. Our rolls are kiss-cut into standard 18″ lengths for easy application. Rated for an outdoor life of ten years. R99 railroad conspicuity tape can also be applied to school buses, vehicles, industrial equipment, bollards and any other items where night time visibility is a requirement. Exceeds FRA reflectivity requirements.

fra approved rail car tapeWe carry the School Bus Yellow FRA tape in our retail online stores.  However, we can also get the White FRA tape when needed.  The picture below shows both tapes.

R99 FRA reflective rail car tape


Click Here” for a spec sheet on this product.

Our 4″ x 30 foot or 150 foot kiss cut rolls of School Bus FRA tape can be seen at www.reflects-light.com

For the white FRA rolls, non kiss cut rolls or for wholesale orders you can call us at 850-934-3157 or email me at steve@reflectivestore.com.

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